11. Our Lady of Bai Dau

Cửa hàng đang mở cửa.
No. 140A Tran Phu Street, Ward 5, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province, Vietnam ( Chỉ đường )
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Our Lady of Bai Dau is the name of a complex of shrines and statue Our Lady Maria, located on the slope of Big Mountain, Vung Tau City, Viet Nam. The temple was built with the first stone on March 19th, 1994, with a length of 46 meters, a width of 26 meters, and enough seats for 1,000 people. The statue of Our Lady Bai Dau was built in 1992 with white color, 32 meters high, placed on the slope of Big Mountain, at an altitude of 60 meters above sea level. The statue of Our Laday facing the sea, holding Jesus, was inaugurated on December 31st, 1994.
  1. Stations of the Cross

The statues of 14 Stations of the Cross were made by the sculptor Van Nhan since the early 60s. The stone steps are wide, with a width of 4-5 meters, creating very beautiful curves, with bridges of reinforced concrete, imitation of wooden planks, bridge walls and roads bearing the appearance of rough tree branches enhances the mountainous look of the painful journeys that the Redeemer passed through to climb Calvary Mountain to die for humanity.

  1. Holy Mother of God Monument

The pure white image of the Virgin, standing out in the middle of the mountainous landscape or on the blue sky, has become familiar to Bai Dau, in harmony with the view of the Big Mountain (also known as Tuong Ky Mountain) which is 269 meters high.

From Vung Tau City, go through the coastal road past Bach Dinh towards Bai Dau, right on the road around the mountainside, one can still see the Holy Mother of God Monument.

At the foot of the monument is the ossuary room, the resting place of the children who once lived under Mother’s loving eyes and when they passed away, still hoped to be protected by their mother.

  1. Bai Dau Church

The church’s architecture evokes a boat, under the protection and guidance of Mary, with the mast being a 29 meters high bell tower holding up the Holy Cross.

With a width of 26 meters and a length of 46 m, Bai Dau church can accommodate 1000 people. The front of the church is a place that can serve as a sanctuary for important ceremonies attended by hundreds of concelebrating priests.

Bai Dau Church is a place where visitors can rest and admire the immense beauty, enjoy the sea breeze after hard working days.

  1. Sanatorium

In order to meet the needs of priests, monks and parishioners who want time to rest and nourish their spirit and body, the project is located between the church and the pilgrimage house with a length of 62 meters and a width of 17 m, including meeting rooms, halls, living rooms and nearly 50 individual rooms.

  1. Dang Man Coi Station

Dang Man Coi has been around for a long time with mountain trails that bring the footsteps of pilgrims into the vast nature of mountains and clouds. When repairing the monument, the road transporting supplies became the Dang Man Coi, completed at the end of 1995, including 15 Mysteries of the Rosary: Joy, Sorrow, and Joy.

It must be said: Dang Man Coi is a beautiful work of God’s motherland, with stone steps leading from the mystery of the Annunciation, above the church, weaving through the rocks and groves of poetic and cool trees, climbing near the monument with the mystery of the glorious Mother Mary in heaven.

The statues are 2m50 tall, vividly depicting the earthly stages of Jesus from the time of the Annunciation, childhood, through the agonizing stages of the blessed death and ending in the glory of conquering death to heaven.

  1. Bai Dau campus

Bai Dau from the yard to around the church and the monument of Our Lady has been beautifully decorated, creating comfort for pilgrims.

The entrance to the monument and church has been newly built, so that pilgrims can follow the main road through the park with lush green trees and the Mother’s holy land has a new surface to welcome pilgrims. Visitors still come here to visit the Monument on an annual basis to pray and follow the paths and steps that each station reminds people of the gift of redemption.

On the left side from the entrance is a guest house, with accommodation and natural conditions, so that pilgrimage groups to Bai Dau to visit the monument can temporarily stay during sunny and rainy days.

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